Mrs. Arlington Enjoys Her Favorite Comfort Food Brunch

Arlington has many delicious brunch offerings … some all you can eat, some all you can drink, many with fancy or unique cuisine. I’ve enjoyed many unique brunch experiences in Arlington, but every once in a while, a simple comfort food calls my name.

That comfort food? The bagel sandwich.

The bagel sandwich, and the other offerings at Chesapeake Bagel Bakery in the Lee-Harrison Center, is simple, delicious goodness. And, for Arlingtonians with kids, you won’t hear the complaint that it’s, “Too fancy,” from your kids like I do at some other places.

Simple and delicious does not mean a lack of options, though. They offer a wide variety of bagels, such as: chocolate chip, pumpernickel, jalapeño cheese, French toast, and seasonal specials. The accommodating employees will make your sandwich any way you like it. Don’t waste time looking at the expansive menu, just start ordering.

Speaking of the expansive menu, they have options for non-bagel eaters, including soups and salads.

One word of caution to those with children in tow: this restaurant has “The Claw Toy Grabber” arcade game. Depending on your parenting style, remember to bring your quarters or bring your resolve!


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