Mrs. Arlington Discovers a Fascinating House is on the Market

I recently discovered that a house that has fascinated me for years is on the market! This home, 6430 27th St North, just down the street from the East Falls Church metro, stands out from the other homes on Sycamore Street due to its massive size. A recent exterior makeover only left me more curious about what is inside. Thanks to an updated Zillow listing, and the listing agent’s YouTube video, now we can all get a glimpse!

Things that stand out to Mrs. Arlington about this home:

  • At 4 stories, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a whopping 9,649 sq ft — this place is truly massive!
  • The beautiful room with a large bar area rivals many restaurants.
  • There is a BALLROOM! Seriously, you could hold dance classes here. Or host a disco — it’s pre-wired with a light and sound system.
  • The $1,885,000 asking price came down $100,000 in February.

Check out all 42 of the pictures on Zillow, and if you buy it, please invite me over to christen the dance floor!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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